Replacement Cartridges – Stream 5S

13″ Replacement Cartridges and Cartridge Sets for the Stream 5S water filter system.

  • Hygienic encapsulated cartridge
  • “Push & click” system for easy filter replacement

Replacement Requirements:

  • Sediment filter – 8 Months or 2880L
  • Activated carbon block – 8 Months or 2880L
  • Silver GAC & Mineral Balls – 8 Months or 2880L
  • Ultrafiltration – 8 Months or 2880L


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Replacement Cartridges for the Stream 5S water filter system.

The water filter cartridges are the heart of the water filtration system and each serves an important role in the water filtration process from filtering out chemicals and contaminants to producing safe and good tasting water. Replacing water filters regularly or as needed ensures that your filtered water system continues to work efficiently and effectively at removing the contaminants from drinking water.


Specific cartridge detail below:

1st Filtration stage – Sediment Filter
The filter medium is made from durable polypropylene with a large surface area for outstanding filtration performance.
Durable PP surface with 1 micron pore size for efficient pre-filter removal functions.

2nd Filtration stage – Activated Carbon
This filter medium is made from coconut shells and delivers outstanding filtration performance. The activated carbon reduces herbicides, pesticides and turbidity, adsorbs chlorine, VOCs and TTHMs, and is also able to remove heavy metals such as lead and mercury.
Large carbon surface area for efficient particle removal.
High quality carbon material for better taste and filtration performance.
Strict quality control in both temperature and material ensures optimum performance of the carbon block.

3rd Filtration stage – Ultrafiltration
Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane with microporous hollow fibre structure works as an efficient filter to remove 100 % of bacteria, particles down to 0.01 microns and some viruses.
High quality RO membrane for 100 % bacterial removal with no water wastage and no electricity required.

4th Filtration stage – Silver GAC & Mineral Balls
This filter medium is made from coconut shells and delivers outstanding filtration performance. Antibacterial carbon powder prevents harmful contaminants from entering and keeps the filter cartridge constantly fresh. Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) mineral ceramic balls slightly reduce the ORP value, which antioxidises the water to increase our natural metabolism.
A large volume of high-grade carbon powder improves the taste of the water in the last stage.
Antibacterial silver ions provide double protection of the water filter.



Filter Specifications:

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Sediment, Activated Carbon, Ultrafiltration Membrane, Silver and Mineral Balls, 8 Month / 2880L Set, Full Replacement Set


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Replacement Cartridges – Stream 5S
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